7 Qualities of Top Chauffeurs Employed in Anaheim

Do we clearly understand the difference between a “driver” and a “chauffeur”? If not, then now is the time you do. A driver is solely concerned for laying you off to your destinations. While a chauffeur is a driver of a specific vehicle who is also entitled to travel the extra mile and ensure a top-notch customer service is delivered. But what about chauffeurs with distinctive qualities that no any regular chauffeur may have that effectively? Let’s discuss the traits you need to become a top chauffeur in a populated and festive city like Anaheim.

1. Conviction

A chauffeur employed by a top transportation service provider may get to ride celebrities or VIP personnel and earn attractive tips, but this is nothing to brag about. A confident chauffeur will not get visibly excited at such occurrences instead will display a pleasant and thankful attitude. Also the chauffeur’s confidence for the ride and enthusiasm to serve the person will ease the client’s stress and worry for reaching their destination.

2. Robust

Service is important, but control over the vehicle is an uncompromised necessity. Remember, no matter how much luxurious and elegant the limo or a stretched SUV may be, but the core purpose remains the same of transporting the client to his/her destination in a safe and timely manner. And this can’t be achieved if a chauffeur fails to exert complete control over the ride. So no other option than to remain dominant at all times!

Quite often clients are in a hurry asking the chauffeur to drive fast. While a weak chauffeur may tense under the pressure, but a strong chauffeur won’t entertain such irrelevant and dangerous distractions.

3. Stability

A responsible and great chauffeur will arrive adequately early, acquire extensive knowledge regarding the industry, displays a professional image, and deliver outstanding service he is known for. Regardless of the situations and difficulties, the chauffeur will present these characteristics with admirable consistency.

4. Integrity

A sad fact though but even chauffeurs with years of experience in their resume do tend to do some dishonest work. Either it’s something as small as stealing gas or a crime as big as swapping engines of the official vehicles, some dishonest chauffeurs tend to stain their name as well as of the service provider’s. While great chauffeurs are too honest and intelligent enough to indulge in such kind of malpractices. For them the greed of quick money is not worthy enough for any kind of risk.

5. Salesmanship

Quite often clients may start chatting with the chauffeur regarding normal things or direct a question to “how is this transportation service provider you are employed at?” A great chauffeur will recognize this more of an opportunity rather than a simple discussion. Now is the time to start selling yourself and your company. A wise chauffeur will stress on the personal benefits and other perks he acquires from the company. Understand this as a value chain process, the better you promote your company, the more are your chances to get repeated rides from the same clients as well as the growth of existing customer base through a positive word-of-mouth.

6. Passion

Great chauffeurs are always looking for ways to improve their skills and performance. Rather than taking it as a job, they take it as a mission with never ending accomplishments and need for customer satisfaction. For them the passion is too great to demotivate them from their daily job.

7. Insight

It’s an obvious fact each client sitting in the vehicle is different: one may a top corporate executive while the other one may be a family with little kids. Also each client requires a different kind of dealing. A top chauffeur instantly recognizes the personality of the client and reacts accordingly.