Your guide to Hiring Stretch Limousine in Anaheim

You’re finally close to that all important day, the day when you’ll take your prom date to that traditional prom dance. You want to make a lasting impression for your date so you’re going to hire a limousine service that will take you to your destination in style and luxury. However, choosing a good limousine service in Anaheim can be an uphill battle – and this is an understatement. Nonetheless, the following facts on what to look for in a good limousine service will surely help you make the best decision in choosing an affordable and enjoyable limousine service that you will remember for the rest of your life. This is why it’s so important to do your research when it comes to hiring Stretch Limousine in Anaheim

Check up on the driver’s qualifications:

While conducting research on selecting the best stretch limo service, make sure you ask the limo company about their driver’s qualification. Whether the driver has any past criminal convictions, any history of medical illnesses or whether the driver has a valid driver’s license. You may think that most limo services would obviously hire competent and responsible drivers, but that is sometimes not the case. What’s more, if you make a commitment without vetting the limousine company, your best night could end up turning into your worst nightmare.

Find out its service rates:

Look for a service that has the right balance in terms of price and affordability. This means to look out for possible warning signs when you scrutinize the company’s rates. A service that is cheap and too good to be true usually is, and thus dirt cheap rates should be considered as a red flag.

Service Contract:

A good limousine service will have you sign a contract. If you are offered to sign a contract, make sure to read it thoroughly. The service contract should contain detailed information about what services will be offered. These can include the type of vehicle that will take you to your destination, the agreed upon destinations, additional fees that may be applicable such as fees charged for highway toll, types of perks or complimentary service that will be provided and other details. Once you sign the contract, keep it with you to make sure you have a list of all the things that have been agreed upon.

Vehicle Information:

Limousines come in all types and sizes, and not all vehicles are created equal. Therefore, it is up to you to ask what type of vehicle you’ll be getting. Far too often, a limousine pulls up and it’s not what you had expected. Also make an effort to find out how many miles does the vehicle have, how long has it been in service, has the vehicle been in any accidents?

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