Non-emergency medical transport for the disabled and medically ill

One day you are living your life to the fullest, the next day your life turns upside down. It could a vehicular accident that resulted in several broken bones, or it could be a debilitating illness that can prevents you from getting around. Regardless of what your medical condition may be, the point here is that you are no longer able to drive and you require a specialized vehicle to get you from point A to B. Nonetheless, this is where non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) comes in to play.

NEMT Vehicles:

Often, your doctor will restrict you from driving and in certain cases you may not be able to travel in a conventional vehicle due to your permeant or short-term disability. In such cases, you may require the assistance of NEMT vehicles. These vehicles are specially equipped to transport people with a variety of medical disabilities. Such as wheel chair ramps for people who can’t get off their wheelchair. In other cases, patients may be not able to get off from their beds, and thus might have to be transported into a stretcher. As you might already know, most vehicles are not equipped to accommodate stretchers, so this is where NEMT vehicles comes into place. What’s more, some patients may require an oxygen tank or some other medical apparatus, which once again, aren’t available in normal vehicles, thus it become necessary to hire a Medical Transportation in Anaheim.

The importance of NEMT:

NEMT services allow patients to visit hospitals for regular follow up checkups or for surgery. Without these vehicles, most patients wouldn’t be able to see their doctors. Additionally, there are variety of NEMT vehicles, some are fully equipped with a variety of medical equipment integrated onboard and some have basic features such as a wheelchair ramp. Depending on what type of vehicle you need, prices can vary. Nonetheless, your healthcare insurance provider may be able to cover the cost of medical transport.

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