Top Essential Travel Safety Tips !

Whether you’re travelling for business, pleasure or spiritual reasons, the bad guys don’t care. There will always be people who are going to take advantage of tourist or visitors. Limo service Anaheim has composed a list of essential safety tips that you can use when making your next travel trip.

Safeguard Your Hotel Room

Despite the safety and security features of your hotel room, the real safety measures should be taken by none other than yourself. Always ensure that windows & door is locked before you leave. When you leave try to make it look like you’re still there, you can use a Do Not Disturb sign. Portable door jammers are easily available and you can always check with reception whenever someone is at the door to see if they sent room service or a guest up to your room.

Be Aware Of Your Belongings

Going on a trip is supposed to be relaxing and fun, but what if you forgot your purse, phone or wallet somewhere? To avoid this type of scenario you should always be aware of your belongings. Always make a mental checklist of the things you had on you when you left your room and recheck the mental list after every stop you make before leaving that spot.

Keep Friends & Family Informed

Although major social media platforms allow you to tag and share your location. You should always keep your friends and family informed of your where you are headed including name of the place, phone and address and how long will you be there.

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